Where There’s A Well, There’s A Way

South Valley Pump has over 5 decades of experience engineering, developing, installing pumps, and installing electrical services for large and small water systems in the Central Valley of California. Municipalities and agriculture businesses rely on our expertise in the industry and commitment to provide quality service.

What We Do


Design & Engineering

Engineering is part of everything we do – water systems, machining, deep well turbines, new wells, troubleshooting and repairs. South Valley Pump is led by an engineer with 50 years of experience. Our quality of work and reputation comes from a dedicated history with the pump industry.


Installation & Electrical

The best water pump for agriculture and municipal districts needs skilled installation to ensure proper functioning and durability. South Valley Pump specialize in the quality development and installation of water systems that maximize water and energy efficiency.


Troubleshooting & Repair

Day-to-day operations can come to a screeching halt when a water system malfunctions. You don’t really care why it’s not working, you just need it to work. One call to South Valley Pump puts you in touch with water system contractors who understand the full spectrum of what can and does go wrong with a well.

Services We Provide

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