About South Valley Pump

South Valley Pump has been family owned for three generations. We have an appreciation for every customer relationship. We make it a priority to work with customer timelines as we provide comprehensive water pump engineering, installation, and repair.

Here’s why California municipalities and agricultural firms choose South Valley Pump:

Quality Of Work

Decades of experience and thorough attention to detail in the process gives South Valley Pump a reputation for excellent work. Farmers and municipalities trust us to provide water pumps and systems to maximize efficiency, reliability, and longevity.


South Valley Pump promises to stand by our work, supporting customers with outstanding service. Municipalities appreciate our automatic attention to detail, permit paperwork, and engineering documentation that are part of a successful municipal project. Farmers count on our history in agriculture and know that we’re the ones to keep water flowing.

Collaborative Approach

South Valley Pump works with San Joaquin Valley Hydro-Geologists and engineering to design complete systems to meet customer water requirements. We also work with multiple drilling companies to provide a total deep well solution. We have the ability to test pump, install new or repair existing pumps, provide a complete electrical installation, and final system commissioning.

Quick Service

South Valley Pump has the capability and flexibility to respond quickly. We’ll answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can often send a crew out on the same day.

Call Us Today: (661) 831-5703